I2C Parport

Fonte: kosma.pl

What's this?

This simple device allows you to connect I2C-enabled chips (serial memories, RTCs, port expanders) to your computer using printer port (LPT, parport).

Okay, but what can I use it for?

Mostly servicing stuff, like:

  • reading/writing serial eeproms (like 24C04 or SPD)
  • getting lots of GPIO, via expanders like PCF8574


All pull-ups are 10-20k. The photo shows the adapter with a 24C04 EEPROM inserted (used to store HDD encryption password).


All the needed drivers are included in 2.6 kernels. They are loaded using modprobe i2c-parport type=0. Pinout of the adapter is Philips adapter, and is also compatible with MCS Flashprogrammer. Devices can be accessed using standard /dev/i2c-* nodes or with additional drivers (modprobe pcf8574, modprobe eeprom).